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Pilots: 3
Total Airline Hours: 123
Flights: 105
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 32,896
Aircraft: 17
Passengers: 824,908
Routes: 16

Sep 2022 Top Landings

Andrés T.A320-59 ft/min
Juan T.B190-111 ft/min
Juan T.A321-128 ft/min
Andrés T.A320-177 ft/min
Juan T.A319-187 ft/min
Andrés T.A320-257 ft/min
Andrés T.A30F-383 ft/min
Andrés T.A320-441 ft/min
Juan T.A319-493 ft/min
Juan T.A319-544 ft/min

Supported Simultors


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Company News

Posted by Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt on 01/11/2021


Hemos actualizado la base de datos de aeropuertos en el phpvms.

Ahora es posible hacer Charter sin tener que anadir aeropuertos manualmente.

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Recent Flights

NEO936Andrés Tornero CastilloLEMDLEPAA320-21601.46-177 ft/m Pending
NEO16Juan TorresSELTSPJRA321-12201.03-128 ft/m Pending
NEO16Juan TorresTNCATNCAB1900D00.35-111 ft/m Accepted
NEO16Juan TorresTKPKSKRGA319-10002.25-187 ft/m Accepted
NEO936Andrés Tornero CastilloLEGRLEMDA320-21600.52-59 ft/m Accepted
NEO936Andrés Tornero CastilloLEMDLEVXA320-21600.12-441 ft/m Accepted
NEO16Juan TorresMHTGTNCMA319-10003.38-544 ft/m Accepted
NEO936Andrés Tornero CastilloLFPGEGLCA320-21600.46-257 ft/m Accepted
NEO16Juan TorresEBBRLIRFA319-10001.33-493 ft/m Accepted
NEO936Andrés Tornero CastilloLEXJLEMDA300-60000.53-383 ft/m Accepted

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Recent Activity

NEO0003 Andrés Tornero Castillo has filed a PIREP from LEMD to LEPA View Flight Report

NEO0001 Juan Torres has filed a PIREP from SELT to SPJR View Flight Report

NEO0001 Juan Torres has filed a PIREP from TNCA to TNCA View Flight Report

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