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Pilots: 3
Total Airline Hours: 143
Flights: 122
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 38,565
Aircraft: 17
Passengers: 827,779
Routes: 23

Dec 2022 Top Landings

No Greased Landings Recorded For December 2022

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Company News

Posted by Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt on 01/11/2021


Hemos actualizado la base de datos de aeropuertos en el phpvms.

Ahora es posible hacer Charter sin tener que anadir aeropuertos manualmente.

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NEO936Andrés Tornero CastilloLEGRLEMDA31000.48-4857 ft/m Pending
NEO936Andrés Tornero CastilloLEZLLEGRB737-80000.29-274 ft/m Pending
NEO936Andrés Tornero CastilloLFBOLEBBA31000.54-418 ft/m Pending
NEO936Andrés Tornero CastilloLEGRLEVCA320-21600.51-147 ft/m Pending
NEO16Juan TorresHAABHAGNB1900D00.54-215 ft/m Pending
NEO16Juan TorresLPMALSGGA340-60003.03-219 ft/m Pending
NEO16Juan TorresLPPTCYYZA340-60007.29-215 ft/m Pending
NEO936Andrés Tornero CastilloLEXJLEMDA320-21600.56-112 ft/m Pending
NEO16Juan TorresEGKKLPPTB737-80002.36-377 ft/m Pending
NEO16Juan TorresGVNPLPMAB737-80002.45-273 ft/m Pending

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Recent Bids

Juan has chosen flight NEO16 departing from CYYZ arriving at EPWA,and will be flying a A300-600 (EC-COH)

Recent Activity

NEO0003 Andrés Tornero Castillo has filed a PIREP from LEGR to LEMD View Flight Report

NEO0003 Andrés Tornero Castillo has filed a PIREP from LEZL to LEGR View Flight Report

NEO0003 Andrés Tornero Castillo has filed a PIREP from LFBO to LEBB View Flight Report

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